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100 Books #2 - Beauty Queens

I keep looking at my blog and thinking, someone should really update this. Then I have a mini realization that it's my blog, so I have to update it. :P And I really have no excuse, as there are many books I have read, so I have a ton ready. It's just trying to figure out how I'm going to sort them.

Anyways, book number two is Beauty Queens, also by Libba Bray.

This is the second book of Libba Bray's that I pre-ordered. I remember stopping and starting this book, and not reading it straight through, as I was around my grandma, and she might not have appreciated some of the topics it brought up if she flipped through it (which she never did), so my impressions are a bit fuzzy.

Beauty Queens is about a plane of Miss Teen Dream contestants who crash on a deserted island, and only a handful of them survive. The girls have to learn to survive on their own, as all the handlers, chaperones, and TV crew died. Along the way they figure out who they truly are. A couple of people gave Libba Bray the prompt "A plane full of beauty queens crashes on a deserted island" and she ran with it.

This is another book which you just have to run with the weirdness and think later, although there is a ton of important messages in the book. Some issues which are touched on: when to lose your virginity, bisexuality, lesbianism, trans-gendering, why do girls have to act in a way which "society" is correct? There is also a company called the Corporation, which is basically a manifestation of every thing that "society" says is socially correct and what people should do and think about themselves. The Corporation runs ads which are slightly sexist, and perpetuates stereotypes, which the surviving Miss Teen Dreams try to break.

The ending is appropriately random and fitting for the craziness which was throughout the book. I read this book last year while on university summer break.
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