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100 Books #4 - Catch-22

Still going with the books on my keeper shelf...

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

I read Catch-22 when I was sixteen, and I did a book report on it for English class, which was just as jumbled in its layout as the book is. It's about a pilot in World War II named Yossarian who just wants to go home and not fight in a war. He is on a base with a variety of interesting characters including Dunbar, who loves skeet shooting because he hates skeet shooting so it makes time go slow. Dunbar wants to live forever. Think about those statements for a second. It will eventually make sense in a roundabout way, and that's how all the logic in this book is. From what I remember, it's funny, or it's supposed to be.

I can't remember much about this book, and would like to read it again. I've heard that the sequel, Closing Time, isn't as good as this one, so I'll just stick to the original. I found this book second hand and let my step-dad borrow it, who wrecked the cover so it's now packaging taped together. It also amuses me that it was 95 cents originally and I bought it for $6.
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