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Dreaming about going back to school

I'm idly looking at the requirements for a BA in Modern Languages (French) in the UK even though I almost failed out of my science uni courses. And one year's worth of tuition for an international student at Oxford is the equivalent of all three years of tuition at my Canadian uni.

I still really want to do it though. I love learning, and am really smart, I just hate studying and get really bored and have a really short attention span while trying to study, but it might be different if I was learning something different. I wouldn't even use this degree, I don't think, as I have a job which pays really well. This would really be a "I felt like learning this" degree without it ever really benefitting me.

I'm just not sure how well I would do at the whole writing papers aspect. Oh, well, it's something to think about, especially as I'm thinking about setting up camp in the UK for the next two to five years, maybe even longer.
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