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Preliminary Thinky Thoughts on Torchwood: Miracle Day After Starting to Rewatch it Two Years Later

These are my tweeted thoughts about MD, all compiled into one text post.

Rewatching Torchwood: Miracle Day, for the first time in a couple years, and (unpopular opinion) it may be brilliant. Think about it: even though Torchwood was all about the aliens, it's what human beings can do to each other willfully which is most scary. And Torchwood: Miracle Day kind of highlights that, in my opinion, much like Children of the Earth. Yes, there's uneven pacing at times, & the story suffers from plot holes, but what Torchwood ep doesn't? It's almost expected at this point. I'm kind of excited to watch the rest of Torchwood: Miracle Day and figure out more thinky thoughts. :)
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